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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signed up for my 1st marathon

I finally did it. After asking a ton of people their opinions on what marathon I should run - small vs large (all being local since I am short on travel funds) I decided to go with large. Thank you to everyone who commented. Although there were many good reasons on both sides I feel I would get such a rush of excitement running with a ton of other runners and a huge crowd. Hopefully it will get me through to the finish. So I officially signed up today for the Chicago Marathon 10/10/10. I am so excited. The past few days and weeks I have had this huge knot in my stomach trying to decide what to do or if I should do it. While the not is still there and I feel a little like I am going to be sick and I am still terrified that I will not be able to finish, I am going to put out my best effort in training so I will finish.


  1. Whoooo Hooooo you CAN do it! Pace yourself and remember RESt days are part of training and help protect against injury!!

    I'm bookmarking this blog so I can follow your progress!!!~

    Then keep moving forward!!!


  2. How exciting! What a year you have ahead of you - I can hardly wait to watch it play out! :)

    And pffff! you're not only going to finish, you're going to ROCK IT! I can feel it in my bones! LOL so there!

    Way to go - you ought to be very proud of yourself.