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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter outdoor run S Milw to St Francis and back


This is my 1st time running outside this winter. It was cold and windy today but not as bad as it has been lately. Temp 24F wind chill 9F. Today's run was pretty slow. The wind was strong at times and it felt like I was not moving at all. There were quite a few spots with patches of ice that I had to stop and walk around. All in all it was a good 11 mile run 1 hr 58 min 10:43 pace. Wore 3 layers of clothes and was still pretty cold. Also did not run with any music and just listened to the wind and the waves. Went at about 11:00 am and still only came across 16 people and 7 dogs during the whole 2 hour run. And yes I did count - must be the accountant in me :)

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