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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1st treadmill run - recovery run & bike

Did not look at what I was supposed to do today. I knew it would probably be a recovery run since I was supposed to do 6 miles with surges yesterday. I was actually planning on attending a class at the gym but due to the snow that hit this afternoon I missed the class. So I split up running and riding the bike. I started out with a 10 min random ride on the bike then ran a slow mile then 15 min on bike and finished off on the treadmill. I have never run on the treadmill before and have only used that for incline walking which I always have felt like I had to hold on so I did not think I would be able to run since I have that horrible habit of holding on. So I started out slow and it was hard not to hold on but I did it. I did most of the mile at a speed of 6 and finished the last minute at a speed of 7. Felt nice to be able to do it but so incredibly boring. Much worse than doing laps on the track.

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