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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trailbreaker Half Marathon

A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday and I decided I wanted to look for a race.  The only thing I found nearby was the Trailbreaker Half Marathon.  I was planning on making the WI marathon May 1st my 2nd half marathon so I checked my training schedule for that and I was supposed to run 11.5 miles this weekend so I figured I could do another 1.6 miles and do the half marathon.  So I signed up for the Trailbreaker planning to run it as a training run.

Then on Wednesday evening I got a bad leg cramp.  You know the kind where you grab your leg rolling around yelling and screaming in pain.  That happened at the gym and one of the trainers helped me to massage it out.  Since then I have been foam rolling like crazy, stretching, resting it, walking and thinking there is no way I am going to be able to run this weekend.  So on Friday I went back to the gym and talked to a few trainers.  I got some great advice on some stretches and was also given the okay to run a little bit and see how it felt.  They thought it might loosen up as I ran.  So I ran about a quarter mile and it felt fine running but then hurt again when I stopped.  They said I could try the run on Sat but to listen to my body.  I decided I would try to run it and that I would finish even if I had to finish walking or limping.

I left early knowing I would get lost on the way there and sure enough I did get lost but still made it on time.  My calf was sore but not too bad.  There was not a whole lot of runners so we were able to start running pretty much right away.  It started off running next to the river which I loved except for going over the bridges.  It was not much of a hill but my calves really hated that.  Then we got to the trail portion which was really flat.  My calf twitched every now and again but as long as I kept a slow steady pace it was fine.  I walked the 3 water stops and made sure I drank enough.  I think keeping hydrated and all of the electrolyte drinks during the week was also helping the calf.  Since this was an out and back on the same trail I was hoping to recognize a few daily mile friends as they went the other way but I did not recognize anyone.  I loved the country scenery and would definitely like to run that path again.  Then we get back toward the end and as I passed the 3 miles left to go sign I knew I would finish and felt so excited.  I got back to the first bridge and my leg felt like it might cramp.  It hurt bad but I took it slow and kept on going.  I got to the city streets and one of my fears happened.  I passed a few people and there was no one in front of me the whole rest of the way.  I felt like a few times I lost the race but then I would see the next set of cops stopping traffic for the runners and knew I was still on course.  One mile to go and I knew I could finish running.  I picked up the pace just slightly - as much as my calf would allow.  Then to my surprise I saw my dad and step mom close to the finish line.  I crossed the finish line so incredibly happy that I forgot to stop my Garmin.  When I did remember to stop the Garmin it said 2 hours 8 min which was a PR for me by exactly 6.5 minutes.  The official time was 2 hours 7 min and 8 sec.  It was perfect weather, a flat course and a PR.  It was a perfect birthday weekend activity.

And for the 1st time I really felt 100% like a runner.  In the past I just more or less ran for fun.  Today though I ran through pain and made it.  I also had just thrown in this half marathon and did it.  Also earlier this week I joined the Badgerland Striders.  When I got home the 2010 race schedule and my membership card was at the door.  My next long run in my half marathon training schedule is a 12 miler in two weeks which also corresponds with the South Shore half marathon.  This is where I usually do my long runs anyway and it was cheap so I signed up for that one also when I got home.  So in training for what was going to be my 2nd half marathon I am throwing in two extra half marathons.  I plan on running South Shore slow as a training run and I pretty much know I will not get a PR since that one has a few hills but I love running along the lakefront and there is almost nothing better than running with a bunch of people.  Yes I am a runner.

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  1. Way to go Jorie! Awesome achievement and great PR! (and happy birthday)!
    You were already a runner, btw, but I know what you mean.