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Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Running Shoes

I think I first heard about the Newton running shoe about 3 months ago while listening to Brandon Wood's podcast. IronBrandon.com  I was intrigued about them so I checked out the Newton website. NewtonRunning.com  I went through the whole website and was a little surprised to find that most of the website was about promoting a good running technique instead of selling shoes (which of course they also do). I quickly realized that I was already a midfoot to forefoot striker so I thought these shoes would be perfect.

Then I tried the shoes on at the Multi-Sport Expo in Milwaukee at the end of Jan. My initial reaction was boy do these feel odd but then I ran in them and knew right then and there I had to have a pair. However, I did not buy them at the expo for a few reasons. First they are expensive and I did not have the funds at the time. And they sell them at the local running store Performance Running Outfitters (PRO). http://performancerunning.com They guy from the store who is really quite knowledgeable said that if I got them at the store I could have my running form analyzed on the treadmill which I have never had done before. And he said that there was no additional discount or benefit from buying them at the expo as opposed to coming into the store. I also got to listen in on a discussion on running form from a Newton rep at the expo that I found to be quite informative.

So about a month goes by - and it went by quite quickly and I finally decide to go in to PRO and try out the Newtons again with the intention of buying a pair. But I also decided I would try on a few other brands also just to make sure I was making the right decision. So I tried on a bunch of different shoes and liked a few. But I really could not wait to try on the Newton again. They said that what I really needed was the Newton Motion and they did not have that one in my size. They had me try on a different Newton just so I could get the feel of the Newton but I knew right off that it was not what I was looking for. So since I really needed a new pair of running shoes since my old ones were a year old and giving me some issues and my newer pair (about 2.5 months old at the time) gives me blisters and calf/shin pain I decided to get the ones I liked best - the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6.0. I did order the Newton Motions and would have to wait a few weeks for them to come in to try them out. This is all fine since I like to rotate my shoes and was eventually going to get two pairs of shoes anyway. (Also as a side note while the one pair of shoes gave me blisters what I started doing was when I was on the track at the gym I would take off my shoes and run the last mile of my runs in my socks which felt great. I think this summer or fall I may have to try out some Vibrams.)

So while I am waiting for my Newtons to come in, Newton announces that they are coming out with a new model on most of their running shoes. So now I was trying to decide if I should wait for the new model or go with the older one that I have on order. This decision I went back and forth on many many many times. Then the store called and said that my shoes had come in. Driving to the store I still had not decided if I was going to get this pair or wait for the new ones. I wanted the shoes now so I could have enough time to break them in so I could wear them for my next half marathon in a month and a half. But I also wanted the newer model since the improvements sounded great. I was a nervous wreck driving to the store but decided that I would at least try them on. So I got to the store and tried them on. They felt really good. Then I got on the treadmill and ran for a little over a minute. I don't usually run on the treadmill (have only done so twice in the past and one of those times was trying on shoes) so this still feels a little odd. I started out slow and then gradually picked up the pace focusing on how the shoes felt. And it felt great. I felt like I had a lot of forward motion. I was not even sure if my heel ever hit the ground and I was getting excited. Then I watched the video and the guy pointed out a few things about my running style. I have a great forefoot strike. While my heal did hit the ground a few times most of the time it did not. Also he said that most people lose their form a little at the end but I did not. I also am not losing much energy since I don't really push off and lift my leg too high. Land, Lever, Lift is what I have been practicing - very efficient. I knew immediately that I had to have them and could not wait to do my 1st run in them. Plus I was thinking maybe July or August I would get the newer version for training for my 1st marathon.

So I bought the shoes and I cannot remember ever being so excited over a purchase before especially a shoe purchase. I was not even this excited when my mom took me to Italy a few years ago - and that was amazing. The guy at the store reminded me to only do a mile or two on my 1st run and to break in the shoes which I knew but it is great to have the reminder in all of the excitement. I called my husband right away and he just did not get all the excitement but was fine if I went for a run and did not come home right away. I texted Kevin KCTris.com a picture of the shoes after I put them on. He is also a huge Newton fan and kept asking when I was going to get Newtons. So this first run I did on the track at the gym since it was getting dark out and I don't run outside in the dark yet. I took it slow just getting the feel for the Newton. I was expecting a little bit of calf pain and did feel my calves a little bit but no actual pain. I was so excited I over did it a little and went 2.5 miles. And although I know I am not supposed to do speed work in them for about two weeks while I am breaking them in I did pick up the pace a little at the end (just a few steps) to see how it felt and it felt amazing. I cannot wait to do speed training in these shoes.

 Overall, the fit is amazing. The material is great. I love how it feels when the foot strikes the ground. It feels like these shoes actually help to push you forward. I just cannot imagine a better running shoe. I think the only negative thing I have to say is the price is a little high. While they may not be right for everyone (thinking especially heel strikers) I would highly recommend these shoes and would definitely recommend midfoot to forefoot running.

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