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Monday, April 12, 2010

South Shore Half Marathon

My training schedule for what was going to be my 2nd half marathon had me running 12 miles and coincidentally there just happened to be a half marathon going on the same day at my favorite spot to run - along the lakefront.  So I decided I would run this half marathon also as training for what will now be my 4th half marathon on 5/1/10.  I went out the night before and had a blast - dinner, drinks, hockey, concert.  So all in all I ended up eating poorly since all we could order was appetizers.  I had a drink which since I very rarely drink one drink has quite an effect on me.  I stayed up way too late.  I slept poorly.  I had a really hard time getting up in the morning.  I had a killer headache.  I really did not want to run anymore (not just the half but did not want to run at all - ever).  But I got up and got dressed and ate leftovers from the night before for breakfast.  Still did not want to go.  But I also wanted to meet some daily mile friends so I went - forgetting to bring a gel or any nutrition with me.  Got to the race and got my gloves and bib number.  It is a smaller race so no shirt or finishers medal.  I found some of the people I wanted to meet just before the race started.  All very nice people.  Being that this race was on a bike path - the whole way it was very slow for the 1st couple of miles and all throughout the whole race was hard to pass people.  I really enjoyed going slow but it was not until about mile 5 or 6 that I was starting to feel glad that I came out and ran.  I got to the halfway point and realized I was actually doing pretty good.  But it was not until about mile 10 that I realized if I pushed it a little I could actually PR.  But there was a hill so that would slow me down.  I got to the last mile and realized even without the gel I was feeling pretty good so I picked up the pace and ended up finishing at 2 hrs 6 min which is a PR by a min.  Totally surprised me but going forward I think I will try better with the nutrition because I almost did not make it to the race.  Bring on May 1st and I want to actually race that one with a goal of hopefully breaking the 2 hour mark.

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