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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great time at the gym - so proud of myself.

This week has been hectic so far at work and I have been working long days and missing my workout. Today I made a point of only working 11 hours and getting to the gym by 6 for my class.

I started with a mile warm up run. Then an amazing upper body and core workout. Today almost every exercise involved medicine balls. Pushups on one medicine ball is great - pushups on two medicine balls suck. I had a really hard time getting the 20 done. Also did tricep dips. Throwing and catching the medicine ball, wall squat swinging medicine ball between legs and above head. Situps with medicine ball. The crunches while balancing on bosu ball lifting medicine ball into air also sucked. I kept losing balance and putting a foot down. Also did russian twists and tricep dips. I did get a comment that I make tricep dips look easy. And I was thinking they have gotten a lot easier. Surprised they did not have me do dips with feet on the medicine ball. That does make it harder. None of the above was in the order I did them and I am probably missing a few. Ended with switching between plank on forearms moving to plank on hands to lifting a hand and leg and repeating that a few times. Was a great workout and I am feeling it.

After workout went upstairs to run another 2 miles on track. Was hoping for more but was pretty tired after core and upper body workout. Calf felt a little tight after the first two laps so I stopped and stretched and massaged it. Then it felt fine and I started the 2 miles over and had no other problems. Possibly could have been due to poor hydration over the past few days.

This was my first trip to the gym since my half marathon and of course I brought in my finishers medal. Although before I showed off my medal I had 4 or 5 of the trainers ask me how it went along with a few of the office workers and one of the gym members. I guess they had been asking each other the past few days if anyone has seen me to see how it went. I love the support I have at the gym. They were all so excited for me and loved the finishers medal. What a high. I showed it off to a few of my other gym friends also. My trainer (not a big runner) said he claimed 10% of my success. HA! I do give him credit for pushing me to run at the start when I hated it. He kept making me do it. And I must admit when I would run after some of the classes he would always tell me to do an extra half mile to mile from what I was planning on doing and I always did it. Don't know what it is about him but I always do what he tells me to do - or at least attempt it. Anyway, I will give him a little credit but not 10%. I was the one out there doing the running. Still on such a high. While I was in class today the lady that signed me up was showing about 3 different new people the gym and brought them in to show off my achievement. She always says I am the person they talk about the most to new clients and I believe it. They have stories and pictures of a few people up at the gym and over the past few years they did 3 stories on my progress. They still have all 3 posting up on the wall or on the table of greatest achievers. I just know now that I did a half marathon they will want new pictures to create a new posting.

I am feeling so proud of myself today.

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  1. Congrats on the tough workout. I am a trainer and I know how hard it is to push yourself.