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Monday, January 18, 2010

3 mile easy run

I was going to run a 5 mile easy run at the gym as part of my taper. However, I was having a bad night. I really did not feel like doing the run. Then I get to the gym and the parking lot is really full. I circled a minute thinking I should just skip it and go home. But I did not. I parked at the back of the lot and went in and started my run. There were not too many people on the track but there was this one guy that I just had to laugh at. It is great that he was out there running but he looked so stiff as a board and kept his arms toward the top of his chest it looked funny. He was running forefoot and his heels never touched the ground and while he was not the fastest person there he did go faster than I was going. Anyway it kept my mind occupied for a while. The first mile was hard. I was also having problems keeping my form. Personally I think it was my shoes. I have a pair of shoes that are a month and a half old. I have rarely worn them and only wear them on my shorter runs. They are a high stability shoe which I think was a mistake. My shins were sore. I did look into returning them but they only allow returns within 30 days. They also have an insert that I think I will take out and try running without that. Since I don't have money for new shoes they will have to do for now and maybe they will not be so bad after taking the inserts out. In the meantime my older shoes are still in great shape and really are not that old either since I rotate them. Anyway, I really struggled today but did complete 3 miles by telling myself to keep running through one more song. My shins were starting to hurt a little so I stopped at 3 miles since I don't want to injure myself before my race on Sat. I got home and looked on my training schedule and I am only supposed to do 3 mile runs this weeks so I feel pretty good that I did get in the 3 miles.

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