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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amazing 6 miler and Expo

I bought a new pair of running shoes 3 months ago - actually it was an early Christmas present from hubby. Anyway, for spending over a certain dollar amount I received this Timex Ironman watch. It either did not come with a manual or I lost it so I had not tried it before. I did try it today after looking up manual online. I think the watch helped motivate me to run a really good 6 miles. According to my running plan for the half marathon I ran last weekend I am supposed to be in recovery this week so I was only planning on running 6 miles. My comfortable normal running pace is a 10 min mile. However today I was feeling really good and felt like pushing a little - which actually felt really good. I ended up running the 6 miles in 53:31 ave pace of 8:55. I think this was the fastest 6 miles I ever ran.

Mile 1 - 8:30
Mile 2 - 8:48
Mile 3 - 9:36
Mile 4 - 8:51
Mile 5 - 8:50
Mile 6 - 8:56

Can you tell from the splits which mile I had to stop to tie my shoe? I did not stop the clock for that.

Felt great after the run - did my stretching and foam rolling and headed off to the multisport expo. By the time I got to the expo Kevin K was already doing his time trial. I watched him for a while and also went to listen to the speakers talking about running form and then a discussion on forefoot vs heel strike. I also tried on my 1st pair of Newtons. OMG - I HAVE to get a pair!!! Been trying to make sure if I spend the money I will have plenty left for England. Even considered not buying hubby's perscriptions (JK). Although according to his neurologist he may be able to come off of his antiseizure medicine soon since he has not had a seizure in two years. We usually have about $4k in dr bills and perscriptions in a year - plus the cost of insurance which keeps going up. Could be worse. Cannot imagine how my brother is ever going to pay his medical bills since he got leukemia last year. Those meds are expensive. Anyway, I am thinking I will just get the Newtons and if I have to I will cash in some bonds I have if I am running short on cash for England. Where there is a will there is a way.

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